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Upper Downer 

Empires Music is delighted to announce that our first release of 2017 is our first album by a solo artist. We are pleased to welcome trumpeter Geoffrey Wood into our growing roster with the release of his debut album, Upper Downer. The album is an eclectic mix with elements of jazz, electronica, classical, pop, and hip-hop, showcasing Wood’s expansive stylistic prowess. Upper Downer features compositions by Sam Wells,  John HenneckenDrew Morton & Geoffrey Wood, Brian Lewis Smith, and Patrick Geren, with guest performances by Sam Wells on trumpet, Drew Morton on bass, and the incomparable Greg Hankins on piano.

Geoffrey Wood enjoys an active and diverse performance schedule as a soloist, chamber, and ensemble musician. Experienced in classical, jazz and commercial music, he can be seen playing with groups ranging from symphony orchestras to jazz and rock bands. He has performed with numerous professional orchestras including the Cedar Rapids Symphony, Columbus Symphony (Indiana) and the Mahlerfest Symphony Orchestra. Wood, who received his DMA from the University of Georgia where he was a student and teaching assistant of Mr. Philip Smith, has years of experience playing in chamber groups and most recently was a featured artist at the 2016 Great American Brass Band Festival and the 2016 Salvation Army Composers Symposium as a member of the Bulldog Brass Society brass quintet. As a jazz artist, Geoffrey can be seen performing weekly club dates as a sideman and bandleader. More information on Geoffrey Wood can be found at his website:

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Degrees of Fidelity 

Shortly after the release of their Southeastern United States compilation, Discordia, EMPiRES presents this third compilation of electronic music from across America and internationally with works by Adam Vidiksis, John Nichols III, Andrea Mazzariello, Vanissa Law, Anne Hege, Greg Lloyd, Cody Brookshire, Se’nam Palmer, Kate Wagner, and Carter John Rice. The theme for this collection took shape quickly with many of the contributed tracks possessing lo-fi, glitch, or raw qualities, while other tracks sparkle with stunning high-definition clarity. With this contrast and with a few tracks that move throughout and touch on both ends of the spectrum, we are proud to present Degrees of Fidelity, a collection of works capturing the emotion and magic of the antiquated and crude, the cutting-edge and precise, and various points in between.

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Discordia (2016) features electroacoustic music by composers from the Southeast, including Peter Van Zandt LaneCody BrookshireJohn HenneckenHanna Lisa StefanssonAdam Scott Neil, Robby Kee, Jason Butcher and Don Hassler, Rob SeabackAaron Anderson, and Jorge Variego. Here in this second compilation volume, there is an overarching evocation of discord present across the 10 tracks, musically depicted not only in harmony and timbre, but also in rhythm, space, form, and contrasting characters of sound source elements. With this theme fortuitously arising out of the contributed recordings, it was fitting to use the title Discordia, taken directly from the title of the album's cover art by  Frances Jemini.

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sonic flux

EMPiRES' first release, Sonic Flux (2014), features electronic music by an international group of composers, including Brian D. KellyCody BrookshireDavid BiedenbenderAdam CuthbertJoshua MarquezWilliam PriceElizabeth Kennedy BayerJ.L. Maire, and Jason H. Mitchell, and John Hennecken.

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